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Look out of your window, the leaves are turning brown, the nights are drawing in and that means it's time to start thinking about our autumn look. For those who say I don't have an autumn look, here at 50plus4men we say why not? Don't you deserve to look good too!

To help you prepare your wardrobe for the colder months to come, here are 6 tips to help you deal with the challenges of autumn's ever-changing weather.

1. Make Your Outer Layer Weatherproof

It's autumn we know it's going to rain so make sure that your top layer is waterproof. It sounds obvious but I've been soaked through more than once because in the past I haven't lived by this rule. Now if you have not been clothes shopping for a while (and I know that some of us haven't) I am pleased to report that things have moved on since the 80s! Raincoats have become cool and there are a range of water -repellent waxed or coated cotton jackets out there that can help you cut a dash. If you don't already have one, or if the one you've got is a little worse for wear, think about buying one of these as we get ready for the autumn season:

  • Overcoat

  • Peacock coat

  • Leather jacket

  • Down coat

  • Parka

  • Waxed cotton jacket

  • Duffel coat

  • Topcoat

2. Keep On Top Of Your Cold-Weather Complexion

It's time to be metrosexual and start to look after our skin. If you're 50plus like me, you'll have grown up in a time when men's skincare was basically splashing on cold water after you've shaved. Well, let me welcome you to the 21st Century.

We're all 50plus and it doesn't matter what you've been doing we're starting to show our age. It's time to take care of our skin and right now there has never been more out there to help us.

Bracing winds and falling temperatures can play havoc with our skin, drying it out and causing all kinds of chaffed nastiness. Look for products infused with skin-repairing vitamin E, and don’t think that just because it’s winter that you don’t need UVF protection either.

3. Boots Are Your Friends

It’s time to take those boots out of the cupboard. The utilitarian work boot is a reliable workhorse when matched with jeans or casual trouser in the ever-changing autumn weather. If you're looking for something a little more dressy then for my money you can't go too far wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots. They look just as good under a suit as they do under a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. TIP: Don't be tempted to go for suede pair of boots, they do look good but won't survive the first real downpour.

4. The Man Bag

Time to get that man bag out. It's autumn the weather is becoming more unreliable, so you may need to carry more stuff with you when you go out. That extra jumper, coat etc.

whatever, a good man bag is going to help. Whether you go for a sleek modern backpack or my preference a small holdall the right bag not only helps keep your hands free but can also tie together your autumn look. And yes I did say tie together your autumn look. I can feel your eyebrows arching as you read this "autumn look!" Brother, I say to you again the time for us to just throw things on at 50plus is behind. This is our time to shine so why don't we take it.

5. It's time to start layering

Not only will layering your clothes mean that you are ready for autumn's unpredictable weather but it will also mean you look more like a man and less like a blimp when you step out. It's important to remember that each of these layers may have to work as your outermost layer so think about natural breathable fabrics such as cotton and wool when selecting each item of clothing. TIP: No more than 3 layers, any more and you look like a blimp.

Clothes that work well when layered include:

  • Long-sleeve t-shirts

  • Polos

  • Henleys

  • Work shirts, button-down shirts, and dress shirts

  • Waistcoats

  • Sweaters and cardigans

  • Scarves

6. Swap Bold Brights For Richer, Deeper Hues

The trees are changing colours and that's a clue that our wardrobe needs to change colour too. Its time to put those bright colours of the summer down and pull out the richer, earthier tones of autumn. Burnt orange, burgundy, mustard and bottle green matched with indigo denim and dark leathers are good building blocks for your autumn wardrobe.

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