Fashion Reboot: Rationalise your Wardrobe: Step 1

Updated: May 7, 2020

Step 1. Does this fit?

By the time you get to 50plus you will have over 30 years of clothes buying behind you. If you’re anything like me, that will mean that you have already accumulated a significant collection of clothes. OK some of the things haven’t been worn for years, and others on closer inspection should never be worn again.

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So the first step on day one of your fashion Reboot is to open your wardrobe and take an honest look at what it contains. Divide the clothes you have into two basic groups. Clothes that fit and clothes that do not.

When making decisions about fit, it’s important that we are honest with ourselves. Jeans that once fit snuggly over our hips but are now belted underneath our stomach do not fit! For me at this point in life, style is not about fashion first , but about effortless cool!

Remember you’re looking for clothes that fit you as you are today, not as you think you’ll be after that diet you promised yourself you’d start; or those gym sessions you’ve been meaning to begin; or the way you used to be about 10 years ago!

When asking do these clothes fit me channel Denzel Washington or Keanu Reeves. You know the inner you, the one with effortless cool that makes 50plus look so good.

Step 2. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit.

Ok now you have two piles of clothes on the bed. One pile that fits you and one that does not. I’m afraid that it’s time to say goodbye to the pile of clothes that don’t fit. I know saying goodbye to clothes just because they don’t fit isn’t always easy. Phrases like I’ve only worn them once; I like that; and I’ll get back into those, keeps coming up. But I'm afraid the truth is if you are going to get the most from completing this Fashion Reboot then you're going to need to make changes.

Change can be uncomfortable, and it’s a sad fact of life that the older we get the more uncomfortable it becomes. But if we want our mojo back, and want to live our best life then change and discomfort are the price that we have to pay. As with any rules there are exceptions. If there is an item of clothing that doesn't fit but you are particularly attached to hold onto it. The aim here is to avoid something I have seen many times, a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit and in fact have not fitted for years. A single pair of trousers or suit that you're going to get back into is cool, a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit isn't. If you are on the 90 Day Fitness Challenge and you expect to loose weight and get into shape, when you do reward yourself with something new. Remember dressing the man you are today, not the man you were yesterday.

Step 3. Is this who I am, now!

OK, now you have a pile of clothes on your bed that fit. The next question you have to ask is do these clothes represent who you are today? When I say this I’m not talking about the unhappy you that is currently staring at them, but the you that's inside fighting to get out. So now divide the clothes that fit into clothes that are you now and clothes that aren’t. We are once again left with 2 piles of clothes . Both piles of clothes fit you, but one represents the person you are/want to be and the other does not.

The pile of clothes that don’t represent who you are today, join the clothes that don’t fit and they all go to the charity shop. What you have left is your actual usable wardrobe (obviously don't leave yourself naked, if you don't like any of the trousers you have currently in your wardrobe hold onto a pair until you can buy some new ones). This doesn't mean that once this process is over you'll have all the clothes you need, or want. What it does mean is that all the clutter in your wardrobe has been removed. A baseline has been established and now my friend our work can really begin.

In coming blogs we will look at those items of clothing you want in your wardrobe going forward to show the world who you really are.

Author: JG

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