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Not all heroes wear capes! My Father - Ivan Passley

I was 8 years old and had just won a fight in the park against another 8-year-old boy who was bigger than me who had picked on me & started the fight.

He ran off crying and came back with 6 teenage boys including his 18 years old big brother who was the leader of the pack of the local motorbike gang who announced to everyone around us in the park that he was going to beat me up. He then picked me up and repeatedly punched me in my face and tore my t-shirt as he threw me around like a ragdoll.

I went home bleeding, bruised and crying to get my Dad with a group of my other school friends trailing behind me.

My dad reacted immediately. He left his dinner half-eaten and followed me, along with my band of little friends, back to the park to confront my assailant.

They were still in the park, sitting on their motorbikes and I saw the cocky smirk on the 18-year-old’s face who had beaten me up

as if to say "what is this one guy going to do against all of us?

My dad was my hero and as I pointed out the leader to him, my dad strode into the middle of the group and effortlessly lifted him off his motorbike, which made the rest of the gang flee in panic knocking over one of their bikes in the process.

My Dad then dragged the gang leader across the road never hitting him but instead repeatedly plunging him in and out of a garden hedge almost reducing the leader to tears. As he did this he said:

" It's not nice when someone bigger than you picks on you is it? You bigger than him and me bigger than you. Remember that!"

The leader had some grazes and superficial cuts to his face & body and my dad then made him give me a grovelling apology. My dad made him promise not to bully me again as he lectured the leader of the gang that he must not pick on someone who is not his own size.

The next day I felt so proud at my primary school when everyone was coming up to me excitedly acknowledging my dad righteously avenging the bully.

The wonderful thing about this story was that my dad was so humble and principled. I never heard dad ever boast about it or ever even mention the incident again to anyone including me from the day it happened until the day his loving and protective soul finally left this earth for heaven in 2013. RIEP DAD🙏😍

by Lieutenant Pat Passley LVO

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