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Thanks Dad

The great relationships we have with our friends and family is part of living our best lives. Father's day is but once a year. However, appreciating, honouring and enjoying moments with our father or that special father figure in our lives should be an everyday occurrence.

When I was small my dad was my hero. He towered above me, protected me, fed me and loved me. As I grew older he taught me things like how to wallpaper a room, change a tyre, and stand up for myself. Then as I struggled to exert my independence, he talked to me and set boundaries and clarified what was right from wrong and the reasons.

It's only in retrospect - that I realise that my humble, honest dad is so very wise.

During my lowest time, when I was unemployed in my 50s for two years my dad Eric said to me when I was unsuccessful for the third job in succession "what is to be yours, no one can take away" - those simple words gave me so much hope - thanks dad because you were right.

I set about asking a few friends and family to tell me what advice their dad/father figure has

given them in the past that has stood the test of time - here's what they said:

"Work hard because the results will be great!"

"Always save at least 10% of what you have left after your bills"

"Each generation must do better than the last"

"Don't compare yourself to others, just do your very best"

What words of wisdom have you received? Please share them in the comments below.

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