Your Fashion Reboot: Looking good at 50plus (an introduction)

Updated: May 8, 2020

It doesn't matter who you are, looking good at 50plus can be a challenge. By this point in life you've got your look and the vast majority of your wardrobe in place . The questions that many of us ask ourselves are:

  • Is this the look I want?

  • Are these the clothes I need?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is NO, then join us and reboot your look. Revamp your wardrobe and update your style. Find the real you! Not the guy sitting on the sofa in poorly fitting nightwear or the guy at work in a suit that went out of style 10 years ago. I mean the real you. The man you've always wanted to be! You are, you're never too old to look good and feel great.

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This is not about us telling you what to wear, it's about us helping you to find the things you want to wear. It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor or (like most of us) oscillating between the two. You can revamp your image. Change the way you see yourself and the way the world looks at you.

Fit , Fabric, Function!

This isn't a phrase that I came up with but I think its one that provides the basic rule for anybody of any age reviewing their wardrobe. Does the item of clothing fit, is the fabric it's made of appropriate; is the item itself functional. During your fashion reboot we are going to help you apply these questions to 3 areas of your wardrobe. Casual wear ; Smart Casual and Business wear. At we feel that these form the core of every stylish man over 50's wardrobe.

There are other categories of clothes in your wardrobe, so we're not pretending that in 90 days we're going to solve every fashion issue you could possibly have. What we are saying is that if you follow the steps laid out in the challenge, after 90 days you should have not only established a core set of stylish and comfortable clothes on which you can build , but also found a new confidence that you are making the right choices for you.

The Fashion Reboot

The steps we propose in our 90 Day Fashion Challenge aren’t drawn from a book they are based on our experiences as men like you over 50. Although one of the founders of does work in the fashion industry we’re not fashion models with perfect bodies or fashion bloggers who get clothes supplied free by the manufacturers. We are just ordinary guys like you! We’re 50 plus and we still want to look good, so what we suggest is based on our practical experience. That doesn’t mean we haven’t taken tips and hints from all over the place (I must have looked at every blog and article on clothes for men over 50 before I put pen to paper) but it does mean that we have tried these things ourselves and know they can work.

Keeping it real

Affordability is also a big part of our program. One of the most popular articles last year on the web about clothes for men over 50 was written by Adrian Clark a fashion journalist of 50 plus. It appeared in the guardian and was titled “what not to wear if you are a man over 50” here is the link . In general I found this a very interesting article, but when it came down to actually making recommendations about what to buy and wear he talked about clothes with price tags that I just would not pay. I’m not interested in a pair of Margaret Howell Chinos that cost £165! Or Harry London shoes that seem to start at £350 plus. Yes we want quality and sometimes that costs, but at we believe that living your best life should be something that we can all aspire to. It's not an idea just for those in the top 5%. So as far as possible (because there’s always an exception to the rule) we’ll be recommending cloths from high street shops that although good value don't compromise on style. So come with us and let us introduce you to some classic styles for men 50plus.

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