Your summer look after lockdown.

Lockdown is ending, and summer is here. It's time to transition out of our lockdown winter look and get ready to enjoy that summer vibe.

Not sure how? Don't worry we've got your back. Here are 7 style tips to help the man who is 50plus step up his summer game.

1. Lighter, not brighter

When it comes to summer I go lighter not brighter. At 50plus we don't need to wear day-glow yellow or bright green to look right in the sunshine. Instead, I move my summer wardrobe a shade or two lighter than my winter one. Switch from dark indigo to a washed blue, or a dark grey to a lighter grey for an instant summer colour hack.

2. Get layered

English summers can be unpredictable, so layer your summer clothing. As my nan used to say better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Along with flexibility, layering also gives your look added depth, helping you stand out from the basic t-shirt and jeans crowd.

3. Linen time

Stepping up your summer game? Then it's time to consider linen. The lightest and most breathable of the classic fabrics, linen is the perfect choice for an evening out or that summer party. Though some question its place in the office environment, if your company’s got a casual dress code, a sharp linen suit or a linen blazer with jeans or chinos will make you look right. Living your best life at 50plus!

4. Anyone for Polo

The polo shirt is a classic item for any man's summer wardrobe. But if you want to look right you've got to make sure it fits right. So here are our 4 keys to making sure that the polo shirt you're about to put on is the right one for you:

  • The sleeve seam should fall on the edge of your shoulder.

  • The sleeves should stop somewhere around your mid to lower bicep and should be neither baggy nor overly tight.

  • The body should be fitted but not tight. If you're carrying a few extra pounds then go for a more relaxed look.

  • The shirt should stop about halfway down your flies.

If you're over 21 and don't have rock hard abs and a super slim waist, do not tuck your polo shirt in any circumstances. We've all seen friends do it and we all know it's wrong! If you're going somewhere or doing something and you feel you need your shirt to be tucked in, don't wear a polo!

5. Upgrade your shorts

I still love my baggy cargo shorts (those pockets are useful), but I know if I'm going to step up my summer game then it's time for me to trade them in for a pair of fitted flat fronted shorts. When I say fitted, I'm not talking about something that looks like they've been spray-painted on your legs. I'm a grown-up so I'm talking about something a little more sophisticated than that. Something that's going to look good with that linen jacket we talked about earlier. I normally go for structured walking shorts. They're perfect for those moments that require a relaxed but slightly more upmarket look, for example, lunch outside on a beautiful day with somebody special.

The only rule you MUST obey: Shorts should never fall below your knees.

6. Swap your winter musk for a summer fragrance.

I know it's a WTF moment! I can almost hear you saying! Swap winter musk for summer fragrance! What is this guy talking about? Well, gentlemen if you're not already into aftershave, it's time for you to get into it. Smelling good is nice, people especially women seem to like it. It doesn't have to cost a fortune. There are brands at every price point.

Generally, when we're talking about summer fragrances we're talking about scents with floral or citrus notes.

7. Mix Sandals into your shoe rotation

Trainers may be a weekend staple, but it's summertime and your feet are going to get hot. It's time to try something different, something just a little more sophisticated, Sandals! Yes, that's right I said Sandals. Time was when you might only wear them on holiday, but times have changed and these days you can wear them around town just as easily as you can on the beach.

Open-toed footwear comes in many forms, so deciding how to wear sandals depends on your style and the look you’re after. If you're thinking casual streetwear then check out hiking-style sandals or if you're after comfort, Birkenstocks are ever-popular. If you're looking for something smarter, designer and high street stores are rarely short of smart leather sandals that can be dressed up further with tailored trousers.

Only one real rule no socks. Ever!

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